Donna Rumble-Smith

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I am an artist living and working in a beautiful village in Nottingham.

My starting point is often with handwritten letters, poems, stories and thoughts of the past, the present and of the future. I use these to create installations, artists books, wall pieces. Quite often the concept dictates what the work will become.

My work intends to capture special moments and reflections of conversations which are personal and intimate; about journeys and people. Objects that hold special meaning and experiences: ramblings of opinions and life's wonders and annoyances, and my love/hate relationship with texting and the time between messages being sent and received are used as inspiration.

Materials and Artwork

My work combines processes and materials that incorporate ethereal and translucent qualities such as machine made lace which suggest the notion of absence and presence, conversations spoken and forgotten and, White on White where stories can be read (or not). I mount lace onto acrylic sheet to enable the light to pass through creating shadows on the wall.

My most recent works have been artists book where words playfully fall out of the book and hang by a thread. Books that have curly threads stitched randomly to look like words but are not legible and the use of threads that are mostly shades of grey with black and silver ones: the black is the darker part of the unspoken story and the silver being the most exciting.


I sell my work, exhibit, deliver talks and workshops and also work to commission so please contact me via my e-mail for any further information.

Commissioned pieces have been varied included commemorative work for the loss of a young son. A wall painted piece for a family, including the family dog: dog hair and small pieces of fabric and ribbon supplied by the commissioner. A ribbon with a hand written sentiment, for a wreath, books for dinner parties and cards for celebration and loss.

My background is in Embroidered Textiles having studied at Manchester and Nottingham Trent University. I have taught in secondary schools and am now a part time lecturer at Nottingham Trent University providing workshops, tutorials and mentoring Masters students.